Incubus and Succubus

By Angela

The incubus and succubus also referred to as sex spirits, night spirits, and night demons are sex demons that come to people in their dreams for a sexual encounter. An incubus is a male demon that is believed to have sex with sleeping women. The female counterpart to the incubus is a succubus which is a demon who has sex with sleeping men. Incubi and Succubi are mythological demons from Mesopotamia. It is said the first incubus is Lilu who is the male counterpart to Lillith, who was a succubus. The incubus and succubus are thought to be the same demon. They change gender roles to accommodate their need. The main thought of incubi and succubi for preying upon humans is to conceive a child. If a child is conceived they are called a Cambion. It is said these children will have supernatural abilities. If an incubi sleeps with a succubi then a new incubi or succubi is born.


In Medieval legends, it is said these were demons and daughters of the dark goddess Hecate from Greek mythology. They could turn into beautiful maidens and would lay with men at night and suck their life-force until they would die. There were priests who used to say these demons were fallen angels whose sole purpose was to have children with mortals and that they did not obey exorcists. They did not honor anything holy. The priests said they would cause great turmoil and violence to anyone who tried to exorcise them.


It is said these are higher ranking demons and once they enter your life their presence will get stronger. They basically rape their victims out of pure hate as they want to control their victims. They repeatedly give their victims nightmares especially sex nightmares to create a negative impact on their victim. This is in hopes to wear down the victim. Once the victim is worn down the demon comes in and does their sexual assault. Sometimes these demons can take on a human form or be seen as a misty white haze. Most victims cannot see their attacker, just wake up feeling as though they experienced a sexual assault. Victims have said they experienced waking dreams and sleep paralysis. Some have reported that they have come to crave these sexual experiences which begin to torment them and cause sexual sin and despair. Others state these demons only bring violence. They will restrain, punch, and choke if the victim tries to fight them. They will also break objects in the home as well as lift the bed and throw things. All victims of sex demons feel drained, fatigued, depressed, and spiritually exhausted, and will see everything in a negative way. It is not uncommon to hear they are being attacked every single night. Usually, these demons pick a child and will attack them throughout their life. Some have said that people that feel they are “close to God” are more likely to be attacked as the demons want to hurt your relationship with god.

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