Possessed Posessions

By Angela 

Thinking of buying something unique for the holiday season?

Maybe something from a Thrift store or Antique shop? Possibly an online listing "Haunted". Beware, as sometimes these items can cause more problems than a simple holiday gift. These are referring to objects that seem to have a spirit attachment. Spirits can be housed, contained or even imprisoned in objects. The most common are dolls. Items can also take on the essence of their owner. If the owner dies unhappily, violently or suddenly, may attach them to that object. This is why dolls are the most common. They spend so much time with children, the emotions that the child has can attach to the doll. These objects are not always active as they can become dormant and once placed in the right environment will become "active". Usually these items are from second hand or antique shops. Once brought into the home there can be distrubances of Poltergiest, apparitions, shadow people, demons. People can also experience nightmares as well as bad luck, accidents, illness etc. The trouble usually starts when the object is obtained. If the paranormal problems are melevolent, to rid the spirit an exorcism, removal or destruction of the object should take place. Once one of these removel remedies are completed the paranormal problems usually stop.

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