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2022 Haunted Vacation 

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On March 10th we will be leaving Florida on a 4 day mini haunted vacation. We are going on a road trip to stay overnight at many extremely haunted locations to investigate some very haunted and historic locations. On our way to these locations we will be making "PIT STOPS" at many different haunted hot spots that we will be LIVE Streaming on Facebook.

"PIT Stops" are locations that we are stopping at and filming short videos on our way to overnight investigations. We will be showing these on Facebook LIVE upon our arrival of each location. We may not be investigating this place during the video. 

"Investigations" are done in late nights and could be overnight investigations of very HAUNTED places. These locations are chosen by us for their active Paranormal situations or Historic properties.

On November 12th we will be investigating the Indiana State Sanatorium in Rockville Indiana.

Click the image for details.


On November 4th we will be investigating Octagon Hall in Franklyn Kentucky from sundown till sun up. Click image for details.


On November 5th we will be investigating The old historic Harriman Hospital in Harriman Tenessee. Click the image for details.


. More Information coming soon!

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