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About The Brooksville PIT

The Brooksville Paranormal Investigation Team (PIT) was founded in late 2013. We are a team founded out of curiosity about the paranormal, a hunger for knowledge and the search for proof of life after death. We are not an occult group that performs seances, we do not use ouija boards, we prefer to investigate using scientific methods and approaches. We volunteer for The Hernando Historic Museum Society as docents giving ghost tours at The May-Stringer House and The Brooksville Train Depot. We have investigated over 50 different locations. The PIT  investigates Homes, Cemeteries, Ghost Towns, Businesses, and many other places.  

The PIT Theory

They say that spirits can be both harmless and malevolent- which we believe is true. We like to think slightly outside the Hollywood-film-ideal and understand why a person would experience unpleasant paranormal activity. Spirits can make you feel uneasy, they can affect the way you feel both physically and mentally. But feeling as though someone is watching you when there isn't anyone there isn't necessarily proof that you are experiencing negative paranormal activity. Before our group jumps to any conclusions about dangerous spirits, demons, poltergeists, or even just a regular old ghost, we like to debunk all of the possibilities; some cold spots are from AC vents, a scratching inside the walls can be a rodent. We prefer to go into investigations prepared, but we always keep an open mind to other reasons as to why someone is experiencing paranormal activity. 

Get to Know the PIT


​We aren't creepy morbid people that are obsessed with the dead. We aren't Satanists. We aren't vandals. We are three individuals who seek truth in myths and legends, and who are dedicated to helping spirits realize where they are and finding a way to ease them into the next world. People pass on every day, and not every one of them was completely finished with this life. Sticking around to watch the world grow up around you must be confusing and difficult. We aim to show spirits that we are not only friendly, but there for them. Like your chauffeur, barista or waitress, we are personal assistants to the dead. We respect them, learn from them, and grow greater as human beings.

we are proud volunteers at The heritage museum for the hernando historical museum association 

Brooksville PIT

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