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Spirits of the well

We were asked to do an investigation at a home so we scheduled it on Halloween Morning. This is just our preliminary investigation. We usually don"t show off the pre-investigation footage. But with the amount of evidence captured we decided to do this video. This is only the highlights of the preliminary and there is so much more that's not included. 


The homeowners and other past occupants claim that they have been haunted for years by multiple spirits. They say there is a spirit of a little boy being seen, and a little girl roaming the house. A woman with long dark hair has even been seen there. But they also mention something dark and evil lurking the house at night. The homeowner also uncovered an old Well under the floor of his house. Out back of the house lies two graves. One of a child with the middle name Lily, and another of what they think is the young boys that has been seen dragging a sheet. 

We did a lot of taunting in this video trying to get this dark spirit to show itself and communicate. We also had a lot of quiet and more calmer moments when we tried to communicate with the children spirits.


After this investigation we believe that the Spirits of a man, woman, and two children are still in the house. We're thinking that its possibly an entire family that may still be trapped in that house. Perhaps the whole family lost their lives in a tragic event that happened in the house. We also discover that the dark spirit that is there call itself Ariel. Its possible that this dark spirit is keeping the family from crossing over. Plans are being made to rid this dark spirit in hopes that it releases the family. Of course these are our theory's. 


*To keep our clients identity private, we only have a few pictures that we can show*

Preliminary Investigation - 10/31/2015

*NEW* 9/12/2016

After our LIVE investigation

*NEW* 9/10/2016

Live Investigation

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