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The Devils Toy Box

IThis is our concept of The Devils Toy Box designed and built by Jesse Lisk Co-Owner of Brooksville PIT

The concept of the Devils Toy Box is simple. Ghost are drawn to the mirrors inside the box. Once they get inside they find themselves unable to escape because they come out of one mirror and then into the next. The device is suppose to bring fourth paranormal activity. A energy loop that is perpetuated by the 8 mirrors fuel the Spirit and also helps draw them to it. We are not sure what to do if a Spirit becomes trapped inside. We are guessing that we will have to bless the box. Inside a omnidirectional microphone is installed and also a EMF (electromagnetic field) By plugging the microphone into a digital recorder you can capture any EVP's you may receive from inside the box. Plug a speaker into the headphone jack of the voice recorder to listen to live EVP. I build a simple EMF panel on the side of the box to show if and electromagnetic field is being detected. Spirits are said to be made up of emf or will put off this energy when trying to manifest or interact. This box is currently untested and for now is just a theory. Once tested we will show off what we were able to capture. 

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