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Heritage Museum (May-Stringer House)

John May bought the property in 1855 and built a four room house. He died in 1858. John May’s wife Marena, continued to live there and she ran the plantation. In 1866 Marena married Frank Saxon, a confederate soldier.  Marena died in 1869 during childbirth. 

When Frank Saxon remarried he sold the house to Dr. Sheldon Stringer. Dr. Stringer expanded the house to fourteen rooms and practiced medicine from one of the rooms on the ground floor. 

Three generations of the Stringer family lived in the home before Dr. Earl Hensley and his wife Helen bought the house. They sold it to the Hernando County Historical Museum Assoc. in 1981 to become the May-Stringer House Museum. 

The fourteen room, four story house has seven gables and gingerbread trim. In some rooms the ceiling is 10 feet tall. The Museum assoc. has created exhibit rooms with a Victorian Look, and there are rooms devoted to specific themes: A Military Room, a 1880s doctor’s office and a 1900s communication room.

the hauntings 

The house, now a museum is haunted by multiple spirits. A little girl named Jessie Mae Saxon passed away in the house at the age of 3. A spirit known as James who hung himself on the 4th floor. An angry spirit that's been dubbed Mr Nasty dwells on the 3rd floor attic. Frank Saxon has been captured in a picture walking the 2nd floor balcony. Marena Saxon also still walks the 2nd floor hallways to keep an eye on visitors. Molly dwells in the Attic with Mr. Nasty as well. We believe she was once a servant of the plantation owners. She is a very kind Spirit that is often silenced by Gary (Mr. Nasty). Three other unknown spirits have been discovered by the multiple paranormal teams that have investigated the house over the years.

Live Streams

WWe setup LIVE STATIC CAMERAS inside this location and stream to Facebook every  weekend.


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Video and EVP

We are Proud Volunteers for The May-Stringer House

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