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These are some of our more well-documented investigations.

The Heritage Museum (may-stringer house)


This home, located in Historical Downtown Brooksville, FL, is home to at least (but not limited to) 13 known entities. Most commonly seen and heard is little Jessie May Saxon, a three-year old spirit who passed away inside the home. At least four funerary viewings occurred inside the parlor, and the home was the site of Brooksville's first drive-by shooting (well, it was done on horseback but same difference). We have recorded multiple EVPs and photos within the home, and can say without a doubt, it is haunted.

Townsend House Cemetery

Between Dade City and Brooksville, there is a small community that was once called Spring Lake (also previously known as part of Fort Dade, which also included present-day Dade City). There are two cemeteries on Spring Lake Highway- this one is located deep in orange groves off of the main road. It is fairly eerie and quiet, but it contains the remains of many Civil War veterans,and the land was once an Indian settlement, and then the Townsend family home, a school, and a church.

Lang Memorial Cemetery


Located on WPA Road in Brooksville, FL, right off of SR50, is a small cemetery that our group frequently visits. We've recorded multiple EVPs there as well as some photo evidence.

Lykes-Ayers Cemetery


Across from the Springhill Cemetery in Brooksville, FL there is a long lost Cemetery called Lykes-Ayers. Its inhabitants date back to the 1700s including remains of Confederate Soldiers. Most of the graves are sunk in with no head stones, just a marker flag. At one point during our investigation we got a strong smell of liquor like when your talking to a person who has been consuming alcohol. You get the strong feeling of being watched and a  very heavy feeling.


Springhll Cemetery


This cemetery is located off Ft. Dade Ave in Brooksville, Florida. Down a long dirt road into the woods you will find the "EERIE" Springhill Cemetery. Its inhabitants are mainly African Ameicans and is rumored to be the site of hangings and KKK brutality dating back to the late 1800s.


The Palmer house



The house was built around 1890 for Mr Palmer who worked for the train station. The house is inhabited by three spirits and one is believed to be Mr Palmer himself. We could hear foot steps going up and down the stairs all night, and you get the chills in almost every room. We captured over a dozen EVPs but most were so quiet that they were impossible to make out, the house is indeed special and we would love to visit again one day.

The oriole cemetery



The town of Oriole has a recorded post office that existed from 1884 to 1898. A census recorded that approximately 100 whites inhabited the area. Unfortunately, it appears that the town was wiped out by influenza. We take it for granted today with our modern medicine, but before vaccines, antibiotics, and emergency medicine, diseases were much more feared. Especially vulnerable were young children.After the demise of the town, the Oriole Phosphate Mining Company applied for and received a permit to mine 50 tons daily from the area between the present day Withlacoochee River and Croom Forest beginning in 1912.

The Stone residence


This is our Investigation at The Stone Residence. The house is said to be haunted by a women named Mrs Stone who passed away in the house years ago. The new owners have been experiencing objects being moved, strange sounds, and have claimed to even see full body apparitions of Mrs Stone.

The Estates Case

We were asked to investigate the home after reports of shadow figures and a dark presence. The owners were seeing shadow figures throughout the home that has only gotten worse after renovations. There has been a dark entity that lurks outside and inside the garage. The owners say when its around it gives you a very scary feeling and if you are outside you are quickly running to the house to get away from it. Its also been reported from a person who grew up in the home that when he was young he was held down in bed while sleeping.

The house of legion

On July 27, 2014 we were contacted to investigate a home with reports of poltergeist activity and a demonic entity.

Only one hour into the Investigation and the Demon makes its presence known by putting 3 scratch marks on our clients back.

You could actually see the marks appear, then start to bleed. This was only the beginning. Throughout night we could hear

strange voices, we witnessed mulitple apparitions, and one member of the crew was even partially possessed

for him.

Mannfield Cemetery

 Mannfield was settled in 1884. In 1887 Hernando county was divided into Pasco and Citrus counties. Mannfield became the county seat of citrus. It once had a hotel, church, school, 3 general stores, a sawmill and a newspaper. Mannfield

is now a Ghost Town with one small cemetery.

Chinsegut Hill

 With the conclusion of the Second Seminole War (1835–1842) and the passing of the Armed Occupation Act on August 4, 1842, the character of Florida was transformed. In the interior of the Florida peninsula, devoid of white settlement just 10 years before, plantations were rapidly established. By the eve of statehood, planters maintained that nearly half the population and wealth of the territory was now located in central Florida.

Spirits of the Well

The homeowners and other past occupants claim that they have been haunted for years by multiple spirits. They say there is a spirit of a little boy being seen, and a little girl roaming the house. A woman with long dark hair has even been seen there. But they also mention something dark and evil lurking the house at night. The homeowner also uncovered an old Well under the floor of his house. Out back of the house lies two graves. One of a child with the middle name Lily, and another of what they think is the young boys that has been seen dragging a sheet. 

Old Clay County Jail

One of the oldest jails in Florida sits in the heart of historic Green Coves Springs, Florida. Huge oak trees covered with Spanish moss surround the old jail. The white stucco walls and tin roof harkens back to a bygone era. It may look peaceful from the outside but what’s inside may surprise the unwary. You see, the old jail is haunted

The Merrill House

James E. Merrill started a small iron work business in Jacksonville in about 1875. Known as the Merrill-Stevens Engineering Co. by the late 1880s, the iron work became one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the Southeast.

old hamilton county jail

The old jail in Jasper has a rich and colorful history, according to historian Johnny Bullard, a life-long resident of Hamilton County. Built in 1893, the old jail at 501 NE 1st Ave. was home to many lawbreakers over the years, and as old buildings go, it comes with many legends, a lot of them spooky in nature.

Shiloh Cemetery and Church 

This is a predominantly Black cemetery located within the Withlacoochee State Forest in an area referred to as the Anuttalaga Hammock Community right on the Hernando-Citrus county line. It is known as Shiloh in Citrus County and Russell Hill in Hernando County.

Old South Pittsburg Hospital

The Old South Pittsburg Hospital is considered by many to be one of the most haunted locations in Tennessee. Two of the most distinctive geological characteristics about the property is that there is a natural based spring that runs underneath the hospital and runs into a still existent well from a former plantation. It also flows directly into the Northwest region of the Tennessee River. It is because of this natural spring that many individuals throughout history were attracted to the area.

Brooksville train depot

The structure is the original depot built on this exact spot in 1885. The Hernando Heritage Museum Association acquired the building in 1991 and turned it into the Train Depot Museum.  The association volunteers are dedicated to bringing Train history,

Old Gilchrist County Jail

The Old Gilchrist County Jail at 313 NW 2nd St., Trenton, Florida, opened in 1928 and closed in 1968. In 1966 a house was added to the back of the jail.


St. Johns Cemetery

This is a Cemetery in Clay County Tennessee that we investigated with Dark Corners Paranormal during our 2019 Haunted vacation


Glasscock Cemetery

This is a Cemetery in Clay County Tennessee that we investigated with Dark Corners Paranormal during our 2019 Haunted vacation


Waverly Hills Sanatorium

In the early 1900s, Jefferson County was severely stricken with an outbreak of tuberculosis. There were many tuberculosis cases in Louisville at the time because of all the wetlands along the Ohio River, which were perfect for the tuberculosis bacteria. 


Saxon Manor

The Frank Saxon House is a historic residence in BrooksvilleFlorida. The home was built by Frank Saxon in 1876 for his bride Tululu Hope, daughter of William Hope, one of the earliest settlers in the county. 


Randolph County Asylum/Infirmary

The county home, originally the Randolph County Poorhouse, was built in 1899. The property at one time included a pump house, two different barns, a machine shed, two garages as well as a chicken house. The property also has an unmarked cemetery somewhere on the grounds where some former residents of the poorhouse were buried.​


Hales Bar Dam

Hales Bar Dam was a hydroelectric dam once located on the Tennessee River in Marion County, Tennessee, United States. The Chattanooga and Tennessee River Power Company began building the dam on September 13th, 1905 and completed it on November 11th, 1913, making Hales Bar one of the first major multipurpose dams and one of the first major dams to be built across a navigable channel in the United States. It began operation on November 13th, 1913.


Old lakeside Hospital

Old Lakeside Hospital is in Defuniak Springs Florida and was established in 1884. May Spirits reside in this location. Ghost Tours were established in November 2020 and are managed Ghost Life Paranormal Investigation.

20210624_035502 (1).jpg

The Hospital on old college hill

The Old Hospital on College Hill has looked down over the City of Williamson, West Virginia for the past 92 Years. The facility will re-open for both historical and paranormal tours, giving "new patients" a glimpse into one of the most unique paranormal destinations in Appalach.


Belle Grove Plantation

On April 3, 1790, John Hipkins (1754-1804) purchased Belle Grove Plantation from Captain Francis Conway for 2,000 pounds. John Hipkins was the son of Samuel and Margaret Upshaw Hipkins of Essex County. John married Elizabeth Pratt (1754-1829), daughter of Thomas and Margaret Pratt. John and Elizabeth were married in the early 1770’s.


The Chief Theater

We are still working to uncover all the History.

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