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The House of Legion


On July 27, 2014 we were contacted to investigate a home with reports of poltergeist activity and a demonic entity.

Only one hour into the Investigation and the Demon makes its presence known by putting 3 scratch marks on our clients back.

You could actually see the marks appear, then start to bleed. This was only the beginning. Throughout night we could hear

strange voices, we witnessed mulitple apparitions, and one member of the crew was even partially possessed. A few days later

we stayed up late and went through the evidence. The evps captured were amazing. We recorded evps of a Demon speaking

in Latin even referring to itself as Legion. We also captured both male, and female voices on our digital recorder. We were

so excited over the evidence that was captured. The next day we learned that our hard drive crashed. We lost all data from

every investigation we've ever done. The client told us the same thing happened to 3 other Paranormal teams that investigated 

for him.


We referred our client to a Psychic who was able to quiet things down in the home for several months. Now activity is 

slowly starting to return. They have been hearing voices, seeing shadow figures, and being physically harmed. It was

also reported that a spanish man with black eyes has been seen inside the home. Legion has Returned. So return to gather

more information and to try and find out why this is happening once again. 




Video and audio


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