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The palmer house

The house was built around 1890 for Mr Palmer who worked for the train station. The house is inhabited by three spirits and one is believed to be Mr Palmer himself. We could hear foot steps going up and down the stairs all night, and you get the chills in almost every room. We captured over a dozen EVPs but most were so quiet that they were impossible to make out, the house is indeed special and we would love to visit again one day. During our investigation you get the feeling someone is with you when your alone followed by cold chills and goose bumps. Our K2 meter and Mel meter detected things we couldnt debunk. You can here whispers with your own ears which was eerie when you were alone. The spirits at the Palmer House are present all through the house and are not harmful. We think they are lost and confused and we hope they move on to the next life one day.


video and EVP

Revisited 1/18/2013


Video and evp

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