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The Estates Case

We were asked to investigate the home after reports of shadow figures and a dark presence. The owners reported seeing shadow figures throughout the home and it has gotten worse after they started making renovations . There has been a dark entity that lurks outside and inside the garage. The owners say that when it's around, it gives you a very scary feeling and if you are outside, you often find yourself quickly running to the house to get away from it. It has also been reported by a person who grew up in the home that, when he was young, he was held down in bed while sleeping.


We investigated for about four hours and received multiple evps on our digital recorder, as well as responses through our sb7 spiritbox. We were even able to capture one visible object on our infrared camcorder. After hearing the responses to our questions and the indescribable  feeling we had during our investigation, we believe the house to be haunted. After reviewing the evidence, we believe that a calm spirit of a woman and a mean, possibly evil male spirit reside in the home and the surrounding property. More investigation will need to be done to find out who they are and why they are still here. Most evps and pictures that were captured must be kept private because of the respect and privacy we have for our clients. But we still have a few pictures to share and a video compilation for you to check out.



The Estates Case

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