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Chinsegut Hill

We are proud to be the first team ever allowed access to perform a paranormal investigation at Chinsegut Hill


With the conclusion of the Second Seminole War (1835–1842) and the passing of the Armed Occupation Act on August 4, 1842, the character of Florida was transformed. In the interior of the Florida peninsula, devoid of white settlement just 10 years before, plantations were rapidly established. By the eve of statehood, planters maintained that nearly half the population and wealth of the territory was now located in central Florida. Drawn to central Florida by the opportunity offered by the Armed Occupation Act, Colonel Byrd Pearson from South Carolina laid claim to 5,000 acres (20 km2) in what is now Hernando County. He named his plantation Tiger Tail Hill and began cultivating sugarcane with the use of slave labor.[4] First erected in c.1847, the oldest section of the Chinsegut Hill manor house, the east wing, was completed just two years after Florida became a state. In 1851, Pearson sold the property to another South Carolinian emigrant to Florida named Francis Higgins Ederington. Between 1852 and 1854, Ederington constructed what is now the main section of the manor house. In 1866, Colonel Russel Snow (also a South Carolinian) married Francis Ederington’s daughter Charlotte and gained control of the plantation, renaming it Snow Hill. By the turn of the century large verandas and the entire third floor of the manor house had been added



Full Paranormal Investigation

Spirit follows Jesse
Added on 3-25-17
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