Meet The Team

-Kraig  Co-Founder, Investigator, Camera Tech

Well, what makes me want to investigate the paranormal is that I grew up in a haunted house. There were always weird things that happened there. Then I suffered a great loss with the death of my daughter. That seems to have increased my interest in the paranormal.

-Jesse Co-Founder, Investigator, Equipment Tech, Analyst

I was born and grew up in this small town of Brooksville, Florida. I lived around the Paranormal most of my life. My best friend's house was extremely haunted and it used to scare us as kids. Now I wish I could go back and investigate it. This is a hobby that I enjoy doing more than anything. I love what I do, and I get better at it with each investigation. I am dedicated to finding out what lies beyond this life. I want to know why some spirits decide to stay on earth rather than move on to the afterlife.

-Angela  Investigator, Research and Development, Media
I grew up with the paranormal all around me. As a child I would see spirits all through my house. That only piqued my interest in the paranormal as I grew older. I had many spirits attached to me from doing my own investigations as well as many places that I lived in were haunted. Having so many paranormal experiences has interested me as to why the spirits have chosen to stay and not move on. This has been an ongoing hobby throughout my life.