Meet The Team

-Kraig  Co-Founder, Investigator, Camera Tech

Well, what makes me want to investigate the paranormal is that I grew up in a haunted house. There were always weird things that happened there. Then I suffered a great loss with the death of my daughter. That seems to have increased my interest in the paranormal.

-Jesse Co-Founder, Investigator, Equipment Tech, Analyst

I was born and grew up in this small town of Brooksville, Florida. I lived around the Paranormal most of my life. My best friend's house was extremely haunted and it used to scare us as kids. Now I wish I could go back and investigate it. This is a hobby that I enjoy doing more than anything. I love what I do, and I get better at it with each investigation. I am dedicated to finding out what lies beyond this life. I want to know why some spirits decide to stay on earth rather than move on to the afterlife.


-Brooke  Investigator, Researcher, Analyst