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Meet The Team

-Jesse Co-Founder, Investigator, Equipment Tech, Analyst

I was born and grew up in this small town of Brooksville, Florida. I lived around the Paranormal most of my life. My best friend's house was extremely haunted and it used to scare us as kids. Now I wish I could go back and investigate it. This is a hobby that I enjoy doing more than anything. I love what I do, and I get better at it with each investigation. I am dedicated to finding out what lies beyond this life. I want to know why some spirits decide to stay on earth rather than move on to the afterlife.

-Kraig  Co-Founder, Investigator, Camera Tech

Well, what makes me want to investigate the paranormal is that I grew up in a haunted house. There were always weird things that happened there. Then I suffered a great loss with the death of my daughter. That seems to have increased my interest in the paranormal.


-Brooke  Investigator, Researcher, Analyst, Editor

As far as I can remember, I have dreamt about things that would come to pass. Many times I’d have nightmares and see shadow people who would appear throughout my house as well. The shadow figures followed my dad and haunted him. A month before my ninth birthday, my dad died in a car accident just as my reoccurring dreams had predicted. After his death, I pursued all things paranormal and dwelled into my spiritual path. I started investigating in my preteens by using tarot cards, recorders, and ouija boards.

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Bill - Cameraman, Editor, Live Stream Tech, Investigator

I Grew up in the standard haunted house in New Jersey and was always interested in ghosts and monsters mainly influenced by the Universal Studios Shock Theatre and Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.


I had a Super 8 movie camera and a portable reel to reel recorder which belonged to my brother (which he didn’t use) in the 70’s and filmed my own short movies including animated Godzilla movies. I was always finding anomalies on both types of recording devices and never figured out what they were till I started networking with others in later years. Since then I have been chasing the Paranormal with equipment.


Started Chiefland Paranormal officially on FB in 2010 and since networking on the web


I have collaborated with the Old Gilchrist Jail Ghost Hunters, and recently joined forces with the Brooksville PIT, all in Florida. I also did a weekly Friday show with Interface Death Weekly with Justin Brown


I have specialized in filming and streaming live Facebook & YouTube in 4k Infrared and full-spectrum and bringing in Mediums to moderate and direct live investigations.


Facebook: Bill Davis/Chiefland Paranormal


YouTube Chiefland Paranormal


Instagram: Chielfand_PI

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