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Merrill House

James E. Merrill started a small iron work business in Jacksonville in about 1875. Known as the Merrill-Stevens Engineering Co. by the late 1880s, the iron work became one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the Southeast. Through its many name changes, the shipbuilding company was an active participant during the Spanish-American War, World War I and World War II. Victorian era lifestyle is showcased in this elaborately decorated family home that also highlights a lifestyle of limited electricity and plumbing. The Merill House was saved from demolition in 2000 by the Jacksonville Historical Society and City of Jacksonville.

During our investigation we had constant EM Spikes and kept hearing a voice of a woman.  After reviewing our evidence we found that we captured the voice of a woman calling herself Joanna. We looked up the name Joanna Merrill and found a Helen Joanna Merrill. Her father was James Merrill and mother was Helen. We believe its possible that since there were two Helen's in the household that Helen Joanna's parents simply called her by her middle name Joanna. We are the only team to ever investigate here and there is very little history to go by online about the house. 



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