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Mannfield Cemetery

Mannfield was settled in 1884. In 1887 Hernando county was divided into Pasco and Citrus counties. Mannfield became the county seat of citrus. It once had a hotel, church, school, 3 general stores, a sawmill and a newspaper. In 1893 the railroad came through the county and bypassed Mannfield in faver inverness. Inverness became the new county seat. Soon after the old Mannsfield courthouse was put on logs and rolled 5 miles through the pines to the settlement of landrun and used as a private resedence. Nothing remains of Mannsfield, only a concrete foundation that might be a old bank vault. There is also a huge live oak tree that has split in half because of it's weight but is still alive. Might this be a hanging tree? Submitted by: Kenneth badgley




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