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Old Lakeside Hospital Group Tour


October 9, 2021

Lakeside Hospital was opened as a one-story clinic in 1939.  A second story was added and opened in 1949 to become a two-story hospital.  The original 1949 elevator is believed to be the first operating elevator between Tallahassee and Pensacola and is still in working order with all original parts dated 1949, the year it was installed. 

The Haunting

This location is haunted by multiple spirits of Hospital staff and patients. We have heard voices when no one is around, and have captured some amazing EVP here. This location just recently opened for paranormal investigations so we do not have any stories on the current paranormal residents. The feeling you get when you are there is a mix of emotions and the Spirits are eager to get their story told. Join us in investigating this historic location to help give these Spirits a voice. See what we captured on our investigations

The investigation

Join us to ghost hunt this historic location. Address 1290 Circle Dr, Defuniak Springs Florida, 32435. Tickets are very limited so don't delay. The investigation will begin at 9:00 pm and last till 2:00 am. Investigate side by side with us or go off and perform your very own investigation. We are allowing everyone who attends to use our very own professional paranormal investigating equipment. That's right! If you don't have equipment...we got you covered.



Yeah, yeah... there are a few rules from the Museum Association. Ages 18 and up only. No drugs or alcohol! You may bring your own equipment, but their is to be NO ritual like activities. No Ouija boards. You are allowed to bring drinks and snack but it must remain in the equipment room. Failure to abide by these simple rules will result in immediate dismissal of the property with no refund. Refunds can be issued if requested before the deadline. The deadline to cancel is three weeks prior to event, no refund will be given after the deadline.  

cost and payment

The cost of a single admission is $70.00.  We are the cheapest group investigation that any other team offers. Tickets are very limited, so when they are sold out that's it. Payments are accepted through PayPal and must be paid for in advance. You will receive an email from Paypal showing proof of payment. Tickets are no longer printed. Once we receive your payment we add you to our list. You will have your emailed receipt from Paypal as proof of purchase. Once you make payment to Paypal we will send you a email letting you know we received payment and added you to our list. Any questions email us at or call 352-507-8362. Please leave a message if we don't answer and we will contact you as soon as we can. Refunds can be issued if requested before the deadline. The deadline to cancel is three weeks prior to event, no refund will be given after the deadline.  

To purchase a ticket send us a message on Facebook, or a email and we will send you a private link to pay. Tickets are sold through Paypal.

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