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Belle Grove Plantation


On April 3, 1790, John Hipkins (1754-1804) purchased Belle Grove Plantation from Captain Francis Conway for 2,000 pounds. John Hipkins was the son of Samuel and Margaret Upshaw Hipkins of Essex County. John married Elizabeth Pratt (1754-1829), daughter of Thomas and Margaret Pratt. John and Elizabeth were married in the early 1770’s. John and Elizabeth lived the early part of the marriage in King and Queen County and seemed to have moved to Caroline County, which is the county just across the river from Belle Grove in December, 1778, when his name appeared on the roster of the Port Royal Kilwinnig-Crosse Lodge #2. Three years later his name appeared on a deed and the tax records for 1782 listed him as a resident of the county and the owner of eight slaves. John served as Magistrate in King and Queen County. He took the oath of Sheriff of Caroline County on November 9, 1802. A lot more history can be found here



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